by Rafal Maszkowski and Michal Mosiewicz

Electronic Contacts

April 1996

The list below is designed as an aid in locating E-mail contacts. In general, the most direct way of finding somebody's E-mail address is to ask him or her. Telephone and Snail-mail also work wonders. There are several tools available on the network (notably netfind) which, with more or less success, attempt to locate the person given name and approximate location. When all else fails, drop a note to the contact person, listed together with the institutions that have network access. For nodes stil in EARN network, domain addresses are given when established, in preference to one-word Bitnet addresses.

  1. Internet Addresses
  2. Internet Addresses - City List
  3. Fidonet
  4. Public Sites and Servers
  5. People who Helped in Updates
To get a full text version of "Poland - Electronic Contacts", choose the closest site archiving Pigulki and download the file 'contacts.txt':

Netfind: give the (username or lastname) and one or more keywords from the name of the institution and/or city. For example "Maszkowski Onsala Observatory". Start here.