Part 4. Public Sites and Servers

November 1995

Copyright (c) 1994 by Rafal Maszkowski and Marek Zielinski

You can access most WWW sites in Poland through

A sample of about 30 existing gophers: - Academic Computer Center "Cyfronet", Krakow.        -  Physics Department, Warsaw University.  -  Fac. of Math. and Informatics, 
                                              Nicolaus Copernicus Univ., Torun    -  University of Mining and Metalurgy, Krakow      -  Technical University of Wroclaw.            -  Warsaw University.    -  Inst. for Social Studies, Warsaw University.   -  Computer Center, Silesian University, Katowice.

Some ftp sites with contents:             -  PIGULKI, dir: pub/pigulki; GUST      -  Clipper archive,  Novell - 
                                mirror, Antyvirus -  European VLBI Newsletter, Images of the 
                                strongest celestial radio sources            -  several mirrors, including SimTel           -  PLOTKI - archiwum               -               -  X11R6 distribution, GNU mirror, FBPNews, 
                                satellite weather images, netlib mirror,
                                tex mirror, sun public patches, RFC mirror          -  Linux (Slackware, SLS), Gnu, X11, elm, tin, 
                                zip, less, niektore RFC, etc. Local lists,
                                humour         -  CD (1992) with Simtel, Windows (cica), GNU,
                                X11, Simtel(source), Prime Time Freeware (1993)
                                TeX (MeX, LaMeX, *.sty)             -  MksVir Demo              -  main Internet router statistics                -  750 MB - TeX, GNU, Linux (Slackware)           -  Linux, X11, Polish electronic press, 'religia'
                                list, GNU (binaries for SCO), X11, security 
                                related docs, irc gifs        -  Mleczko pictures, konkordat        -  Polish Archives        -  Acta Astronomica archive     -  Linux Slackware 2.x mirror         -  PA0GRI               -  "Pigulki 
A complete listing of "Polish Interest Network Resources", PZS, by Rafal Maszkowski is posted irregularily to PZS distribution list located on and can be retrieved by anonymous ftp and by gopher at, and

The HTML version is available at URL=,,, or .